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Decorative window films

Glass plays a significant role in shaping a modern interior, not only in offices, but also in living spaces. Glass constructions and partitions create a feeling of openness and lightness of the room.

Interior, architecture and functional


With our flexibility in space planning and the ability to attach to any interior, they became extremely popular among designers and architects. In order to emphasize the individuality of the interior, to separate the functional areas, there is often a need for glass decoration. Existing glass painting and matting technologies are quite expensive and in case any changes need to be made, it requires a complete replacement of the glass.

Unlimited possibilities

The offered decoration technologies with LLumar films offer new possibilities in the field of design, where changes can be introduced at any stage of design and installation, without expensive replacement of glass. LLuma’s wide range of matte, colored, patterned films helps to find an individual solution in each specific case:

When changing the functions of the room or restoring the interior, the film can be removed and replaced with another that meets the new requirements. In addition, it makes it possible to avoid the costs associated with the replacement of glass, if they had been decor using traditional technology. This unique feature is widely used in rental premises, shops and offices, where there is often a need for rapid and economical changes.

You can cut out a drawing or logo, connect and crop to your liking. By combining different colors you can achieve any shade and effect. You can diffuse, focus or completely block the light. By combining drawings and inscriptions, putting one layer on top of another, you can create three-dimensional effects that completely change the space.

Usage areas


Public sector

The issue of glazing safety is regulated by Directive S 89/654 / EEC, which stipulates that in order to prevent injuries, glass must be safe and appropriately marked in places where human collision with glass is possible. To mark the glass of doors, passages and corridors, LLumar films with a decorative pattern are good: squares, circles, wide and narrow stripes. Matte films are used to separate all available rooms from work areas. They are also suitable for blinds and curtains in rooms with high hygiene requirements, such as medical facilities, kindergartens and catering establishments.

Commercial premises

Modern offices are characterized by a large number of glass partitions and doors. Frosted films are well suited for the functional division of rooms and the creation of private areas. Meeting rooms, executive offices, canteens and auxiliary rooms – this is by no means a complete list of rooms that need protection from the attention of outsiders. The property of frosted films to scatter images and light allows you to create confidential areas without losing the feeling of open space provided by glass structures. The matte surface may include symbols, logos and images that match the company’s style and that will not only enliven and enhance the design, but also strengthen the company’s identity.


Individual construction

The possibilities of glass decoration in private houses and apartments are limited only by your imagination. Ordinary glass standing in sliding systems, doors and partitions can be turned into an interior decorative element, panel, stained glass or any other artistic composition. In addition, you always have the opportunity to quickly and easily restore it.

Guarantees and quality

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Thanks to the even structure, LLumar frosted films improve the appearance of the glass. The film on the glass will not peel off or peel off during operation. The surface of the film is resistant to abrasion. A special layer protects the film from scratches. It is easy to wash with all glass detergents. Warranty for all films – 5 years.

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