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Specialists in car and window film installation


Car glass tinting

Glass film for your car to make the time spent behind the wheel with comfort.

Visual Advertising

The film is made specifically for your advertising needs. It can be installed on cars, company windows, etc.


Decorative Films

Stickers / films from our range or according to your order.

Security window films

The films are designed to protect against pieces of glass if it breaks during an accident.

Sun protection film

Films for room / house windows so that the sun's rays do not interfere with everyday life.

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The order creation time, if you chose it on the site, is 1-2 days. Exact time is coordinated individually, depending on the complexity of the work.

If the order is picked up from our office, then payment is made upon receipt, but if you need delivery, then payment is made before shipment.

We approach each client individually and always have the opportunity to negotiate anything.

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