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Provides optimal light and temperature regime in the premises. Large-area glass structures are an integral part of modern architecture. Conservatories, glass roofs, floor-to-ceiling showcase windows, internal partitions and external glass facades are all signs of an open space philosophy in architecture.

Along with the positive properties of glass structures are also negative – the excess of solar heat and light, which creates discomfort for the occupants of the premises. The most cost-effective way to control solar heat and light is to use LLumar sun protection films.

Sun protection films


Excess solar heat


It has been found that a person feels best when the indoor temperature is in the range of 19-24 ◦C. The sun's rays pass freely through ordinary glass and heat the room. In the direct fall of the sun's rays, so-called "heat zones" are formed where the temperature reaches 40-50 ◦C. The capacity of air conditioning systems (if any) is often lacking to equalize the temperature in the room, resulting in a rise in temperature throughout the room complex. At a slight increase in temperature to 25-28 ◦C, well-being deteriorates, attention and work ability decrease by 30% -50%.


LLumar reflective films are able to reduce sun exposure by 80%, thus maintaining the optimal indoor temperature and reducing the load on the air conditioning system. By gluing the film to existing glass, the temperature in the room can be reduced by 8-14◦C on sunny days. In addition, during the winter the film reduces heat loss through the glass by 15% -30%.

Dazzling light and reflections


Bright sunlight is a cause of eye inflammation and fatigue. Dazzling rays reflected from various surfaces create a lot of glare, which increases the level of contrast in the room and interferes with working with the computer. Trying to see something on a monitor screen on a sunny day requires extra visual strain.


The use of LLumar reflective and tinted films reduces the number of sun reflections by 50% -94%. The light in the rooms becomes softer and diffused, increasing the visual comfort for work and rest.

Interior fading from the sun


All parts of the interior are subject to fading: paintings, furniture, tapestries, floor and walls. During the two seasons, the colors may become dull, lose depth and juiciness. In addition, it is dangerous both direct sunlight and diffused and reflected. The main cause of fading is the destructive effect of UV rays, less important is heat, visible light, relative humidity, etc.


All LLumar films retain 99% of UV rays and slow down the fading process by at least 50%. The films against the sun additionally filter heat and visible light, allowing to slow down the process by 80-90%. As a result, expensive interiors and antiques are protected from premature loss of value and damage.

Renovation and exterior design


Facade renovation is an expensive and time-consuming process. Technology is changing so fast that 10-15-year-old glass facades often do not meet modern efficiency and appearance requirements.


You can improve the parameters of existing glazing and change the appearance with the help of LLumar films. In addition, it will cost only a small part of the expensive replacement of glass. Reflective films of different colors and shades give a wide range of possibilities in the design of glass structures. With all the features of sun protection and energy conservation, golden, bronze, greenish and light blue films can radically change the appearance of the facade.

Additional effects using LLumar film

With the help of metallized LLumar films, the effect of “one-way visibility” can be achieved under certain lighting conditions. If they are external glasses, then during the day they look like an opaque mirror from the outside, but you can freely observe objects from the inside without risking being noticed. If the glass is inside the room, then it is necessary to artificially adjust the difference in lighting to achieve the desired effect.

Due to the fact that the production of one height of calories costs twice as much as the calories of heat, the installation of the film pays off in 2-4 years at the expense of energy savings. In addition, the larger the glazing area, the more noticeable the effect of the film installation.

All LLumar sunscreens come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty for indoor adhesive films is -10 years, for external adhesive films -5 years. Average service life – 25 years. All films have double protection against scratches and do not require additional care, are easy to wash.

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